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Within and beyond the mainstream: realising alternative possibilities across educational stages


Across the global context of disrupted schooling during the pandemic, interest in alternative methods, progressive philosophies, learner participation and engagement have been amplified. Against this wider emergent context, some groups and communities have and to continue facilitate alternative possibilities within and across the boundaries of formal mainstream education. The alternative education special interest group invites you to join us for an interactive and dynamic webinar that showcases research in the field across distinct educational stages (from nursery to higher education).

The event offers delegates the opportunity to reflect and discuss cross-cutting themes, tensions and opportunities linked to a broad collection of alternative provision including flexi-schooling, pupil referral units and democratic pedagogy.

The event intends to provide a platform for exchanging ideas, networking and exploring future for the SIG.

Content in this series

Spirituality and the Outdoor Space

The notion of spirituality as an ontological priority for children has become more prominent in academic literature in the past decade, not least due to its inclusion in the National Curriculum as...

Video15 Sep 2020

A case study of Self Directed Education

The role of self motivation (Gopalan et al, 2017)and self direction (Biesta, 2010) has long been recognised in children’s learning.  However, in tightly managed and timetabled state run...

Video15 Sep 2020