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 This SIG promotes dialogue on educational policies and practices at all levels in terms of supporting or inhibiting social justice. We are committed to developing a range of theoretical understandings of the concept of social justice and the interaction of particular axes of discrimination in education. Particular attention is given to discourses and material effects of social class, gender, citizenship and human rights, and the ways in which these interrelate. In addition we help to develop an understanding of the opportunities and spaces that social actors in education have to promote inclusion and social justice (as well as the limits and constraints they face), and the ways in which action can be taken. We contribute to the evaluation of research methodologies for investigating social justice. We consider the processes by which academic critique can or should influence political agendas locally, nationally and globally. Fundamentally, we provide an arena for debate, discussion and dissemination for researchers whose work addresses a wide range of social justice issues. Thus, the SIG’s intention is to bring together research from a range of specialist yet related areas to a general forum to further social justice in education. SIG events Past activities have included:

  • British Journal of Educational Studies Special Issue on ‘Education and Social Justice: new and Continuing Themes’.
  • Seminars on topical issues such as ‘New Labour’s Education Policy and Social Justice’, ‘Education and Social Justice’ and most recently ‘Education After the Election: The Policies of the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition Government.’
  • Capacity building events such as ‘Education, Identities and Social Inclusion’ a one-day conference for research students and early career researchers.

Latest SIG Content

Opening Pathways from Critical Research to Policy

30 May 2019 | Event

In 2015 BERA critical education researchers took a symposium to AERA Annual Meeting that asked how they might enhance the relationship between policy and critical educational research. Answers proposed at and developed through the symposium,... [...]

Rethinking sex and relationship education in the age of #MeToo

28 February 2019 | Blog

In February 2017, the UK government announced that it would introduce legislation to make age-appropriate sex and relationship education (SRE) compulsory within English schools. The objective of SRE is to ensure that young people develop the... [...]

Faith-based education is (not) what we are talking about

22 February 2019 | Blog

Writings about faith and education tend to fall into particular longstanding debates about: the teaching of religious education in schools; the act (or not) of assembly; the use of religious texts in lessons and around the school; the roles of... [...]

Inequality of pedagogy in English schools: How significant is it?

14 February 2019 | Blog

Addressing educational inequality has been a longstanding focus for educational research as well as for English education policy, yet the attainment gap between rich and poor remains constant (DfE, 2018). A difficulty with this focus on the... [...]

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