Literacy and Language

Members of this SIG have interests in exploring the relationship between language and literacy and work in related fields, such as cultural studies and multi-modality (the central focus is on language rather than on these areas in themselves). Aims of the group:

  • to establish a voice in BERA with regard to policy and practice for research into language and literacy in education
  • to create a forum for exploration of the implications for education of research in the area of language and literacy
  • to use the SIG as an opportunity to learn from work by colleagues in a number of areas including: Multilingualism; TESOL; MFL; Literacy Studies; Classroom Discourse Analysis/ Interactional Studies; Media and Literacy; Policy Studies; Popular Culture and Language

A further important function of the SIG is to establish meetings and strands at BERA Annual meetings, in particular to avoid overlap and clashes of language-related sessions and to convene meetings and seminars during the year.

Latest SIG Content

Call for Papers: 2nd Language Policy Forum

30 May 2019 | Event

Call for Papers: 2nd Language Policy Forum (British Association of Applied Linguistics) Edinburgh, 30-31 May 2019   Following our highly successful inaugural conference in 2018 - where delegates from over 20 countries met over two days - we... [...]

Phonics ‘first and fast’… but at what cost?

29 October 2018 | Blog

Reading is one of life’s profound joys. According to reading expert Maryanne Wolf, reading changes the very structure of our brain and neural pathways; the act allows us to go beyond our own thought processes (Wolf, 2008). Reading is a way of... [...]

BERA Bites, issue 1: Early childhood

5 September 2018 | Publication

The BERA Bites series presents selected articles from the BERA Blog on key topics in education, presented in an easily printable and digestible format to serve as teaching and learning resources for students and professionals in education. Each... [...]

Grammar and creativity in the English national curriculum

30 August 2018 | Blog

In November 2017 the Times Educational Supplement (TES) published an article under the headline ‘Teaching grammar does not improve children's writing ability, research finds’ (Bloom 2017). This article provoked a positively gleeful response... [...]

Connecting the dots: painting, thesis and writing

28 August 2018 | Blog

I am a newly minted PhD from the School of Education and Professional Development at the University of Huddersfield. Two months after graduation, I am still coming to terms with the ‘what was’, ‘what is’ and ‘what will be’ for my... [...]

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Literacy and Language

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