Literacy and Language

Members of this SIG have interests in exploring the relationship between language and literacy and work in related fields, such as cultural studies and multi-modality (the central focus is on language rather than on these areas in themselves). Aims of the group:

  • to establish a voice in BERA with regard to policy and practice for research into language and literacy in education
  • to create a forum for exploration of the implications for education of research in the area of language and literacy
  • to use the SIG as an opportunity to learn from work by colleagues in a number of areas including: Multilingualism; TESOL; MFL; Literacy Studies; Classroom Discourse Analysis/ Interactional Studies; Media and Literacy; Policy Studies; Popular Culture and Language

A further important function of the SIG is to establish meetings and strands at BERA Annual meetings, in particular to avoid overlap and clashes of language-related sessions and to convene meetings and seminars during the year.

Latest SIG Content

Biscuits or Banquets?

21 July 2017 | Blog

Becoming a lifetime reader is dependent on developing a love of reading[1] and few would argue against the fact that the ability and motivation to read impacts on the life chances of all children. For this reason, a significant amount resource... [...]

Clarifying accent standards for British teachers

10 July 2017 | Blog

The linguistic standards for British teachers within teacher training, and for teachers’ future careers, are clearly outlined by the DfE: ‘demonstrate an understanding of and take responsibility for promoting high standards of literacy,... [...]

Writing a World-leading (four star) Publication

8 June 2017 | Blog

The idea that research could be described as ‘4*’ came from the UK’s Research Excellence Framework (REF). 4* research is “world-leading in terms of originality, significance and rigour.” In REF 2014 30% of research outputs across all... [...]

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Literacy and Language

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