Educational Leadership

EL-RedThis SIG is concerned with how educational institutions in all sectors (compulsory and post-compulsory; state and private) and all contexts are governed and managed, and how the personnel within them are led.

We are interested in institutional working practices including the moral, social, cultural and political positioning adopted by them, together with the processes involved in developing these, ultimately for the benefit of learners. These interests extend beyond the UK; many of us are engaged in the research and scholarship of educational leadership and management in overseas contexts.

Questions such as how people work together, how they work with local communities, the influences upon them of both the internal and external environment and the impacts of these issues on learners are all important aspects of the remit of this SIG.

Some of our members undertake empirical research; others develop theory and theoretical perspectives; and some are involved in practitioner research.

Our membership includes the whole spectrum of academic experience and status: from early career researchers to distinguished professors.

We also welcome practitioners – both leaders and the led – and those whose work involves policy making and implementation, including local authority administrative personnel.


This SIG aims to provide an academic arena within which expertise, research findings, and theory development are shared and new ideas are explored.

We encourage members to contribute publications and help identify new models and new conceptual tools which enable practitioners to take theory into practice in a range of different contexts.

We also welcome inquiries from practitioners and educational organisations and institutions interested in developing partnerships, or who simply want to share good practice or seek research-informed advice or consultancy.

Many of our interests and areas of expertise overlap with those that fall within the sphere of other BERA SIGs. We collaborate with other key organisations such as BELMAS, SCRELM, IPDA, EFEA, SRHE and CCEAM.

We network with a large number of relevant institutions worldwide, including the University of Stellenbosch, the University of South Africa, the Institut Français d’Education, the Open University of Cyprus, and Monash University.

Our members publish their work in leading international journals, where many have editorial responsibilities.

Activities / Events

The SIG holds one business meeting each year at the BERA conference plus a variety of events throughout the year such as seminars, day conferences, research conversations, and opportunities to pool ideas, collaborate on research or publications. The SIG is inclusive of all, not simply orientated around academics.

Latest SIG Content

The Future of Educational Research in Wales

27 March 2019 | Publication

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Educational Leadership

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