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Past event

Typologising in, around and for the field of education management, administration and leadership

This BERA Educational Leadership SIG event introduced researchers’ development and exploration of typologies in and around  educational leadership, management and administration (ELMA).   Weber (1958) introduced ideal types consciously for sociological purposes.  However, the research presented and discussed here recognises types that are contextually meaningful with the field of ELMA.  The corporatisation of the field of educational leadership has [re]constructed actors within the field, positionally and relationally.  A typology offers a means to categorise, “aiding thought, rather than replacing it” (Gunter and Ribbens, 2003).  Thinking with post-structural constructions of meaning, through language and practice, acknowledges that a typology can only be one interpretation of meaning (Graham, 2011).  Just as knowledge combined with power is used to define and name, making an object describable and giving status to it (Foucault, 1980), typologies act as a tool to name types. As such a typology recognises the discourses of the field that secure relations of power and what appears natural.  

This event explored how the presenting researchers have typologised with the field of ELMA by mapping, using metaphor and drawing on social theory to describe, illuminate and explain how neoliberalism underpins the knowledge claims, structures and practices of the ELMA field 

In this event researchers from the Critical Education Leadership and Policy Group (UoM) were invited to present their research using typologies through Ignite Presentations to stimulate discussion and questions.   

These ignite presentations provided a stimulus for SIG members and participants to engage with, discuss and question the value of typologising in and around ELMA. Our presenters included Professor Emeritus Helen Gunter, Professor Steve Courtney

Draft Programme

16:00 Welcome & Introduction
16:05 Ignite Talks
16:45 Discussion and Q&A
17:00 Event Close



Profile picture of Helen Gunter
Helen Gunter, Professor

Professor Emerita at University of Manchester

Helen M. Gunter is Professor Emerita in the Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, and recipient of the BELMAS Distinguished Service Award 2016. Her research focuses on the...

Profile picture of Steven J. Courtney
Steven J. Courtney, Professor

Professor of Sociology of Education Leadership at University of Manchester

Steven J. Courtney is Professor in the Sociology of Educational Leadership in the Manchester Institute of Education (MIE), University of Manchester. Steven co-leads the MIE research group, Critical Education Leadership and Policy. He uses...

Profile picture of Karen Broadhurst Healey
Karen Broadhurst Healey, Ms

Student (PhD Education at University of Manchester) at University of Manchester

Karen is a doctoral researcher at the University of Manchester. Her research focus is the governance and leadership of multi academy trusts. Prior to this she worked in and with schools for thirty years in a variety of leadership positions.

Profile picture of Pinyan Lin
Pinyan Lin, Miss

PhD student at The University of Manchester

Pinyan Lin is in the final year of a PhD programme at The Manchester Institute of Education, having previously graduated with the Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Her research interests lie in educational leadership, school-to-school...

Profile picture of Azumah Dennis
Azumah Dennis, Dr

Lecturer at The Open University

Carol Azumah Dennis has worked in higher education since 2010, first at the University of Hull where she was employed initially as a lecturer in education and programme director for post-16 teacher education, and later as programme director for...

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