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Practitioner Research Highlights at Twilight



Following on from our SIG AGM, we are planning an event in November to allow further dissemination of member research aligned with our four key themes. Please submit your 250-word abstract including the theme in your title. The deadline for submission is 1st October 2021.

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  1. Case Study of Ethics in Action
    BERA has provided guidelines for research carried out in educational establishments involving staff and students. We would be interested to hear from practitioners who have used these guidelines in their own context.
  2. Case Study of Methodology in Action
    There are opportunities for qualitative, quantitative and mixed methodologies in the context of educational research. We invite you to share your own experiences of using or developing methodologies in your own research.
  3. Perspective Paper on Reconciling Practice and Research in Education
    A key theme for our SIG, why is it so difficult to translate educational research into changes to practice in the classroom? What barriers exist between academic research and educational practice? Help us explore these issues by sharing your own perspectives or experiences.
  4. Examples of Innovative Dissemination of Practitioner Research
    One key gain from COVID-19 was the willingness of our community to embrace alternatives to face-to-face meetings and conferences. We invite you to share your research with us in a novel or innovative format. You may submit research on any topic, but we would like it to be shared in a new and interesting way that is accessible to a wide audience.

Watching a BERA Virtual event

  • You will be sent the link to the event at least 3 days before the event. If you register in the last few days you will be sent the link within 24 hours
  • Our platform should work on all platforms
  • For the best viewing experience please use a laptop or computer
  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the presentations
  • It is best to check your connection at least 10 minutes before the event, and any problems the BERA technical team may be able to assist



Claire Tyson, Dr

Teacher Researcher at Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre

Claire Tyson is a teacher researcher based at Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre, where she combines teaching science with her research post.  Her PhD was obtained by studying part time with Queen Mary, University of London in Clinical...

Emma Taylor

Teacher of Geography and Research Fellow, PhD student (Sociology) at London School of Economics and Political Science

Emma Taylor has over 12 years of experience teaching Geography to secondary school students in London. Alongside teaching, she has recently undertaken the role of Research Lead at the school in which she currently works. Her research role...