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Making the Right Call Together: Standardisation Opportunity for Conference Abstract Reviewers

This online session is aimed at those who: 

  • are new to peer review BERA conference abstracts
  • would like to peer review for the BERA conference in future
  • are more experienced

but would like the reassurance of a collaboration opportunity.

We will be discussing three anonymised example conference abstracts (shared beforehand) and discussing as a group the categories we award points for, the points we would award these examples and then reaching consensus about each one.

The aim of the session is to explore different viewpoints, gain deeper understanding of what makes a balanced peer review judgement and a good conference abstract, and to bring collaboration to the peer review process, which can be a daunting task for new reviewers.

All welcome, engagement with the three abstracts before the event is vital (approx. 30 mins pre-reading/review) as we will not have reading time during the event.

Chaired by members of the Conference and Events Committee.


Profile picture of Aimee Quickfall
Aimee Quickfall, Dr

Head of School - School of Education at Leeds Trinity University

Aimee is Head of the School of Teacher Education at Leeds Trinity University, one of the BERA SIG leads for Mental Health and Wellbeing, and a member of the BERA Conference Committee. Her research interests are well-being and workload in...

Profile picture of Chris Midgley
Chris Midgley, Mr

Senior Lecturer at Keele University

Chris Midgley wears different 'educational' hats that offer a wide perspective of HE and PCET education: he is a Senior Lecturer in Leadership at Keele University, and he is Keele Business School's strategic lead for the delivery of...

Profile picture of Charlotte Vidal-Hall
Charlotte Vidal-Hall, Dr

Research lead at N/A

Charlotte Vidal-Hall is a research lead working in an education policy environment where she has led research in to reading in secondary schools, school governance and behaviour in schools. Charlotte was an early years and primary teacher for 15...