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Past event

Creativity in 21st Century Education: Where, how and what next?

This event has now been postponed. While we are working on rescheduling, we are running a twitter campaign using #CreativitiesinC21Ed to keep discussion alive around the event themes. This will include debating past creative education experiences and sharing current and future understandings of creative education influenced by the ‘new normal’ of blended education.

To be kept updated on when this will be reschedule for, please email

Creativity is again re-emerging as an educational imperative which is of interest nationally and internationally. This one day event will take the opportunity to, janus-like, look both back across early 21st Century practice and research and forward. Participants will first have opportunity to actively gather insights into, share and develop perspectives on how creativity has manifested and been researched so far in 21st Century Education. This will be further developed through presentations by and dialogue with perspectives from key national and international experts (researchers and teachers) on the current discourses and policy about education.

The seminar will culminate by looking forward: debating and imagining how creativity might valuably manifest in education/be researched in the future, working from both current practice and anticipations of possibilities.

The conference will feature dialogues from Professor Teresa Cremin (Open University) and Sarah Bracken (Headteacher, Finham Primary School, Coventry), perspectives on the international state of affairs from Professor Bill Lucas (University of Winchester), alongside Alternative Interjections from Dr Kerry Chappell (University of Exeter) and Jo Trowsdale (University of Warwick). Time will be given to creative debate and looking forward in response to provocations offered throughout the day.

The day will culminate with the annual Anna Craft Memorial Lecture to be given as a recorded lecture by Professor Howard Gardner, followed by a Wine Reception sponsored by the Open University. 

11.30 Registration
12.00 Working Lunch
Creativity in Education: Where have we been? Participants will work creatively together to map these experiences; we will also be seeking input from participants prior to the day for those who wish to contribute in advance
13.00 Research-Practice Dialogue: Where are we now/where are we going?
Sarah Bracken, Headteacher, Finham Primary School and Professor Teresa Cremin, Open University
13.45 Alternative Possibilities: Where are we now/where are we going?
An interjection from Dr Kerry Chappell, University of Exeter and Jo Trowsdale, University of Warwick
14.15 Comfort Break
14.30 National & International Perspectives: Where are we now/where are we going?
Professor Bill Lucas
15.30 Shared debate and creative plenary activity: Where are we going?
16.30 Anna Craft Memorial Lecture
17.30 Completion of evaluation forms
17.35 Drinks reception
18.00 Close of event


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