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Creative and Innovative Methodologies in Education Research

This two-day symposium – jointly organised by the BERA ECR Network and EERA Network 18 – seeks to explore and discuss creative and innovative methodologies in educational research. Whilst relevant to all with an interest in methodological approaches in educational research, this symposium will likely be of particular interest to/relevance for early career researchers.

Creative and innovative methodologies have grown (and continue to grow) in both popularity and prominence within educational research. They have the potential to engage participants – often children and young people – more meaningfully within the research process and have much promise with regard to facilitating their ‘voices’. Various creative and innovative methodologies have emerged within educational research including ethnographies, visual methods, narrative methods and play-based approaches and such methodologies will be explored as part of this symposium.

The event will feature two keynote presentations considering the place of creative and innovative methodologies within educational research and critically reflecting on their potential for the advancement of the field. It will also feature interactive workshops facilitated by academics experienced in using various creative/innovative methodologies within their research. These methodologies will be shared with delegates who will have the opportunity to engage in and reflect on their use. Guided reflections will also feature as part of the symposium and through these delegates will be encouraged to consider, from a critical perspective, the (potential) value and place of creative and innovative methodologies within their own research.



09:30 Registration, tea and coffee
10:00 Introduction
Dr Rachel Sandford and Dr Oliver Hooper
10:15 Keynote 1
11:00 Tea and coffee break
11:15 Facilitated discussions (in response to Keynote)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Interactive workshop 1
(Ethnographies, Narratives methods and Arts-based methods)
14:30 Refreshment break
15:00 Interactive workshop 2
(Visual methods, play-based methods and Digital methods)
16:30 Conclusion
17:00 Close of day one

 DAY 2

09:15 Tea and coffee on arrival
09:30  Introduction (and recap from Day 1)
Dr Rachel Sandford and Dr Oliver Hooper
10:00 Keynote 2
10:45 Tea and coffee break
11:00 Facilitated discussions (in response to Keynote)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Guided reflection session 1
(based around the ‘CREATE’ reflexive tool)
14:00 Guided reflection session 2  
(based around the ‘CREATE’ reflexive tool)
15:00 Tea and coffee break
15:30 Completion of evaluation forms
15:35 Conclusion
16:00 Close of event