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Past event

A Research Approach To Curriculum Development

This event is now fully booked. To be placed on the waiting list please email Please include your mobile telephone number.

With increasing and renewed emphasis on the curriculum across Britain there is a need to ensure that schools and colleges are focused, supported and equipped to develop their curriculum in a way that is meaningful. The BCF aims to bring together all those with an interest in collaborative curriculum, research and development. This day, is the first in a new format which is designed to bring together practitioners (ideally a research lead / curriculum lead from each participating school/college) who are engaged in curriculum development in a way that recognises the value of research informed approaches. Such approaches might include drawing on ideas and concepts already established in research as well as approaches which are driven by reflective inquiry by teachers to (re)shape the curriculum. The day is designed to support teachers actively exploring and seeking to develop their own institutional curriculum. It is also aimed at creating a context in which curriculum development can be meaningfully developed, reviewed, shared, and discussed. The day will include:

  • details of curriculum concepts and research approaches,
  • sharing of current practice from participants (each school to present their current work related to developing the curriculum)
  • discussions about the approaches and challenges to curriculum development


09.30 Registration, tea and coffee
10.00 Welcome, introductions, plans for the day
Gerry Czerniawski
10.15 Contextualising and conceptualising the curriculum
Dominic Wyse
10.30 Participants present their posters on curriculum development
(8 minutes each) and Q&A
12.30 Lunch
13.20 Enhancing teachers’ engagement with a research approach to curriculum development
Ruth Luzmore
13.50 Perspectives on researching the curriculum- Developing and sustaining a research approach to shaping, implementing and considering the impact of the curriculum – focused discussion groups
Facilitators: Dominic Wyse, Sarah Seleznyov, Arlene Holmes-Henderson
14.50 Next steps
Gerry Czerniawski
15.00 Close of meeting