BERA Membership

How do I pay for my membership?

You can pay for your annual membership online. Please click on “join” on the top right hand side of the page. You can pay by credit card or direct debit.

When does my membership expire?
BERA’s subscription year runs from 1 January to 31 December. If you have paid by cheque or PayPal, your membership will expire on 31 December. If you have signed up for a rolling direct debit membership your membership will automatically renew at the beginning of the next year

Can I cancel my membership?
Once you have paid for your membership, we do not offer refunds. Any cancellations for membership will be effective from the next membership year cycle. Please make cancellation requests in writing to membership@bera.ac.uk

How do I access my Member Profile?

To access your Member Profile, your username is your email address. On joining BERA you should have received an email allowing you to set your password. If you did not receive this email, or you have forgotten your password, please click forgot your password? and you will be sent a password reset link. If the system does not recognise your email address please contact membership@bera.ac.uk

My email address has changed. How do I login?

Please login to the system using your old email address and update your details via the “edit profile” button on the left side of the page. If you have forgotten your password and you have changed your email address please contact membership@bera.ac.uk

I am a member but I am only being shown non-member rates

You are not logged into the member profile. Please click “login” at the top of the webpage and navigate back to the events registration page.

How can I renew my membership for next year?

Please login to your member profile. If you have not yet renewed your membership, renew membership will be an option on the left menu. Please click through to this and enter your payment details. Please note if you choose to switch to Direct debit before January 1st you will not be charged your membership fee until January 1st. If you have entered direct debit as your method of payment after January 1st you will be charged within one calendar month of entering your details. If you have already renewed your membership you will not be able to enter this again.

Do I get a receipt for my payment?

If you have paid by credit card you will be emailed a confirmation email and receipt once your payment has been processed.

How can I access the 4 BERA journals online?

Please login to your BERA member profile and then navigate to the journal pages. You should then be able to click through to the journals without being asked to pay.

How can I change my SIG memberships?

Please login to your BERA member profile and then click on “SIG subscriptions” on the left menu. You can update your SIG memberships there.

Block memberships
Organisations who would like to make new applications for membership for several of their staff may be eligible for an introductory concessionary Block Membership rate. Please contact the Office for details by calling 020 7612 6987 or email membership@bera.ac.uk.


BERA Conferences

When is the abstract submission deadline?
The abstract submission deadline for all papers is the 31st January 2017.

When will I be notified if my abstract has been accepted? 
All submitting authors will be advised of the outcome on the 13th March 2017.

When is the early registration deadline?
The deadline for the early registration is the 1st May 2017.

Do I have to pay by credit/debit card online or can I be invoiced? 
You can request an invoice online. However you must have a purchase order number included.

Would I still be able to register on-site at the conference?
Unfortunately, presenting authors of abstracts need to register by the deadline otherwise their paper will be withdrawn.  However, if you wish to register as a delegate, then you can do so by simply turning up at the conference.  Please note that attendance, catering, printed materials can not be guaranteed, also on-site fees are more expensive.

Can I register for the conference over the phone?
Registrations must be completed online. However if you are having any difficulties you can call us on 0207 331 5217.

I won’t be able to attend the whole conference – Is there a day rate?
There are NO day rates,  and the full registration fees apply regardless of how long you spend at the conference.

What is included in the registration fee?
Admission to the conference, Conference delegate bag, Tea, coffee and lunch where stated on the programme, Access to the welcome reception

Will I receive a receipt of payment?
The confirmation sent upon registration serves as confirmation and a receipt as it specifies the date, method and amount of payment made.

Will transportation to and from the airport be provided?
We are not responsible for transportation to and from the conference. Delegates have the choice of taking public transport or a taxi to their hotel and the venue. More information can be found here: https://www.bera.ac.uk/beraconference-2017/venue-travel.

BERA Events

Do I have to pay by credit/debit card online or can I be invoiced? 
We request that all registrations are paid for online, however if this is not possible please contact us at events@bera.ac.uk.

Would I still be able to register on-site at the conference?
We discourage delegates from registering on the day. Please note that attendance, catering, printed materials can not be guaranteed.

Will I receive a receipt of payment?
The confirmation is your receipt. However if you require additional information for your receipt please contact us at events@bera.ac.uk.