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Digital Resources

Videos and presentations from BERA Member events, as well as podcasts and more. Presentations and recordings are correct as of the date they were created.

Podcast Series

BERA hosts various podcast series to give our members a voice to promote their research. We also produce The BERA podcast which features educational leaders and experts speaking about hot topic issues in Education.

The BERA Podcast

The BERA podcast features educational leaders and experts speaking about hot topic issues in Education. Our aim is to produce and promote episodes that attract policymakers, parents, teachers,...

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Innovative Methodologies

In this series Dr Bukola Oyinloye, Convenor for the BERA Research Methodologies SIG speaks to guests about novel and innovative research methodologies

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Media series

In Conversations with…

In this series we hear from educational leaders, experts and enthusiasts about their special interest areas and their career experiences. Click below to listen to the podcasts in this series.

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Media series

Education for our planet and our future

Climate change is arguably the most pressing educational imperative of modern times, yet in our universities and communities – and within BERA itself – it remains relatively underdiscussed....

Media series

Education Unmasked

In this podcast series we interview education leaders to learn what work their institutions are undertaking during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Media series

The Impact of Covid-19

In 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic transformed the way we live, work, research, teach and learn. This series explores the impact of the pandemic on our members. Click below to listen to the podcasts...

Media series

Language Trends 2021 Research

This is a series of three podcasts about the 2021 Language Trends Research. One podcast will feature research in Northern Ireland, the second one will feature research in England and the third...

Media series