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Steve Strand, Professor

Professor of Education at University of Oxford

Steve Strand has been Professor of Education at the University of Oxford since Jan 2013. Previously he was Professor of Education at the University of Warwick (2005-2012), Head of Research and Data Analysis at GL Assessment(1998-2005), and Head of Research and Evaluation at Wandsworth (1990-1998) and at Croydon (1988-1990) Local Education Authorities. He holds a BA First Class (1982) and PhD (1989) in Psychology.

His research interests are in ethnic, social class and gender gaps in a range of educational outcomes (e.g. achievement, progress, special education, exclusion). His methodological expertise is in the quantitative analysis of large and complex longitudinal datasets such as the LSYPE and NPD.

He has been Special Adviser to the House of Commons Education Select Committee; Consultant to the DFE; member of BERA Executive Council; a full member of the REF 2021 Panel for Education and current Joint Editor of the Oxford Review of Education, and board member of 5 other journals.

Steve Strand's contributions