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BERA Doctoral Thesis Award Winner

Sophina Choudry, Dr

Presidential Academic Fellow at University of Manchester

Sophina Choudry was awarded the 2017 BERA Doctoral Thesis Award for her thesis: Mathematics Capital in the Classroom and Wider Educational Field: Intersections of Ethnicity, Gender and Social Class.

The abstract for her thesis is below:

“The problem addressed by this thesis is manifold: (a) how to model the ‘found’ relationships between intersecting categorical variables and academic mathematics attainment, and how these affect policy (e.g. on ethnicity and EAL); (b) theorising these models in relation to Bourdieu’s theory of practice and capital, especially, in classrooms and peer groups; and (c) negotiating the meaning of student’s social backgrounds (i.e. interactions of ethnic, gender and social class) in school and classroom policy discourses and practices and so the relation between students’ backgrounds and relationships with mathematics in classrooms.”

Sophina Choudry's contributions

BERA Doctoral Thesis Award

Every year BERA recognises academic excellence and rigour in research by a Doctoral student. This underscores BERA’s commitment to championing educational research, and celebrating and recognise...