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Seanna Reuben Sweeney

Assistant Head Teacher at Rothwell St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

Seanna works at the forefront of education as an Assistant Head Teacher at Rothwell St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Leeds. From here she developed a sense of the importance of bringing research into the everyday experiences of classroom teachers and senior leaders in her establishment. Building upon this, in her role as a Specialist Leader of Education, she has rolled out the implementation of research-based education across several schools across Yorkshire. In her work with Teaching Schools Hubs rolling out the new Early Career Teacher programme, juxtaposed to professional development with The Chartered College of Teaching, Seanna’s focus is to drive research-based education across schools and support teachers in being evidence-based practitioners. Her specialist areas are Early Mathematical Development and Continued Professional Development of teachers.

Seanna Reuben Sweeney's contributions

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