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BERA Council

Ruth Boyask, Dr

Auckland University of Technology

Ruth Boyask:  Public education emerged as a response to wider social processes such as industrialisation and democratisation, the force of which have subsided through cultural, economic and technological change. Public education presently is framed by the legacy of over 30 years of neoliberal policy, and more recent fundamentalisms and populisms that question old forms of legitimacy and the common good.

Ruth’s research raises and addresses questions about how these changes have impacted upon educational research, policy and practice. Her current work considers these three domains and their intersection in the light of public sphere, social justice and democratic theory. She has particular interests in school governance, educational decision-making and the utilisation of educational research, with subsidiary interests in professional or work-related learning and democratic schooling.

Ruth was elected onto BERA Council in 2015 and re-elected in 2018 and sits on BERA’s Engagement Committee. 

Ruth Boyask's contributions

Engagement Committee

The role of the Engagement Committee is to: Ensure that BERA supports its members appropriately in the light of our three strategic objectives: to advance research quality; build research...

BERA Council and Committees

BERA Council is supported by a number of standing committees and steering groups who are tasked with actioning the decisions of BERA Council. BERA Council is made up of the following: The...