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Louise Hayward

Professor at University of Glasgow

Louise Hayward is Professor of Educational Assessment and Innovation at the University of Glasgow. She was a member of the internationally renowned Assessment Reform Group and is currently a member of the Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy Educational Reform Group and the International Symposium on Formative Assessment. Louise has a particular interest in assessment and social justice. She is committed to the centrality of researchers, policy makers and practitioners working together to ensure both high quality policy and policy enactment that remains consistent with policy aspirations. Louise has worked extensively with policy and practice communities in the UK, currently in particular in Scotland and Wales. Beyond the UK, Louise has worked with a number of governments. For example, recently she has worked closely with the Government and Educational Directorate in Norway advising on assessment practices and on change processes for their new curriculum; in Portugal she was part of the evaluation team for the review of Education in Higher Education; and she has been involved in reviewing plans for the curriculum and assessment strategy in Malta.

Currently, Louise leads the major CAMAU project (funded by Welsh Government and the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David). This project, working with both policy makers and practitioners, seeks to provide an empirical base for progression in the new Welsh Curriculum. Her recent projects include, Assessment at Transitions (Scottish Government), Numeracy in the Early Years (East Lothian Council), Evaluating Action Research in Primary Schools (Education Scotland/Robert Owen Centre), Building Sustainable Models of Engineering Education in primary and secondary schools (EPSRC and Education Scotland) and Assessment is for Learning. (Scottish Government.) Louise was part of the Nuffield funded research project to evaluate the quality of Assessment for Learning in the four countries of the UK.

Louise is one of four executive editors of the Curriculum Journal, a journal of the British Educational Research Association) and co-edited the Special Edition on Assessment for Learning. She has served on a wide range of National Organisations, eg, Education Scotland (the national inspection and curriculum development body), Scottish Qualifications Authority, (the national examinations agency) and the Scottish Funding Council. She has also served on a number of Ministerial Committees, eg, Assessment, Behaviour, Literacy, Support for Learning and chaired Scotland’s Advisory Council (the group giving independent advice on education to Scottish Ministers). Currently, she serves on the Education Cabinet Secretary’s advisory group established to review assessment and examinations in Scotland and is a member of the government’s National Improvement Framework committee. She is also an Advisor to the Scottish Government’s “learning Journey’ project. Louise is an international expert to the Norwegian Research Council project on Responsive Teaching and Student Learning in Mathematics. She works as an advisor with NCCA in Ireland, the national curriculum and assessment body. Recently, Louise has worked with teachers and headteachers from a range of countries, including Scotland, Wales, Ireland , Norway and Iceland.

This year will see the launch of IEAN, the international consortium of policy makers and researchers from small nations and states interested in learning together to address major international challenges in Educational Assessment.

Louise has written extensively on assessment and learning and on national change processes. Most recently she has edited an international two volume SAGE Handbook on Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy with Professor Dominic Wyse (UCL, UK) and Professor Jessica Pandya (CSU, USA). She has given numerous keynote addresses nationally and internationally, eg, in Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland, in Norway, Portugal, Germany, Austria and Australia.

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