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Liesel Ebersöhn, Professor

University of Pretoria

Liesel Ebersöhn, (Director: Centre for the Study of Resilience, Full Professor: Department of Educational Psychology, University of Pretoria), a registered educational psychologist and expert on social dimensions of resilience, draws on Sub-Saharan Africa evidence for critical contributions to understanding, from an Afrocentric perspective, resilience-enabling responses that promote collective wellbeing given collective distress. Her work has led to foregrounding collaborative rather than competitive responses to disruption: managing finite resources in sustainable ways that support egalitarian positive education, health and wellbeing outcomes. Through engagement in global education and poverty think tanks, panels and boards, she is influential globally in education development circles to inform policy, training and practice for sustainable transformation in the Global South. She is a recipient of numerous scientific association-, national- and institutional awards. She is the World Education Research Association President.

Liesel Ebersöhn's contributions