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Kyriaki Messiou, Professor

Professor in Education at University of Southampton

Kyriaki (Kiki) Messiou is Professor of Education at the University of Southampton, UK. Currently she is Director of Research/Deputy Head of Southampton Education School. Internationally known for her research in the field of inclusive education, her work focuses on children’s and young people’s voices as a means of understanding notions of marginalisation and developing inclusive practices in schools. These are the themes of her publications, including her book ‘Confronting marginalisation in education: A framework for promoting inclusion’. Currently, she leads a study that involves 30 schools and five universities in five European countries. The study focuses on developing effective strategies for including all children in lessons, particularly those seen as ‘hard to reach’. Her research aims to have a direct impact in the field, whilst at the same time advancing theoretical understandings around notions of inclusion in schools. Previously she worked at the University of Hull where she developed and led undergraduate and postgraduate programmes about inclusive education, and established and led the Inclusion Research Group. She was also a primary school teacher in Cyprus before completing her postgraduate studies at the University of Manchester. Kiki is a regular contributor to international conferences, including AERA, BERA and ECER. She has made keynote presentations in Austria, Cyprus, Italy, South Africa and Spain. Recently she was invited to Stanford University to present her work and this has led to ongoing research collaborations.

Kyriaki Messiou's contributions