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Kevin Proudfoot, Dr

Senior Lecturer at University of Glasgow

Kevin is Director of Undergraduate and Initial Teacher Education, with responsibility for the programmes within this area. He lectures for various stages of the MEduc and PGDE. He supervises dissertations at undergraduate and postgraduate levels (Masters and Doctoral).

Kevin’s research interests are in the field of educational leadership, chiefly in respect to the performance management/professional development of teachers. He has a especial focus on the application of motivational theory to this field (self-determination theory and achievement goal theory, in particular). Equally, he is interested in the application of Foucault’s conceptualisation of power in educational settings. 

Methodologically, he is especially interested in hybrid thematic analysis for qualitative enquiry. In quantitative research, Kevin’s focus is on the treatment of survey data as ordinal in nature (in particular, the implications this has for factor analysis). He has a further interest in the development of critical realism as paradigm for mixed-methods research.