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Katie Parsons, Dr

Research Associate at Loughborough University

Katie Parsons is a transdisciplinary research associate at Loughborough University after completing her thesis on the lived experiences of children and young people and their experiences of the natural environment during and after COVID-19.
Before moving into academia Katie had an established career as a Registered Children’s Home manager, working with children and young people. Katie is experienced and trained in creative, play and outdoor therapies, which she uses as a foundation when engaging in creative participatory research methods.
Katie works with children, young people and communities to create opportunities to understand their relationship with place and each other and how this intergenerational relationship can support their learning journey with the climate and biodiversity crisis. Katie's projects internationally and in the UK are central in informing adaptation, mitigation and recovery policies through a range of co created or youth led creative educational outputs.

Katie Parsons's contributions