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Julianne Viola, Dr

Research Associate at Imperial College London

Julianne is a postdoctoral Research Associate at the Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship (CHERS) at Imperial College London. Julianne leads the Belonging, Engagement, and Community (BEC) project and contributes to educational research and evaluation efforts across Imperial College, and is a developer of the Education Evaluation Toolkit. Previously, Julianne completed her doctorate at the Department of Education, University of Oxford, where her research explored how adolescents develop their civic identities in the digital age, conceptualisations of citizenship, and the interplay of social media and technology on youth civic identity.

Her book, Young People’s Civic Identity in the Digital Age (2020) explores the findings from this study. Julianne has a particular interest in young people’s civic identity development, efficacy, and engagement with their communities, particularly political engagement and activism activities.

Julianne Viola's contributions