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Jonah Ulebor, Mr

Research Student at Leeds Beckett University

Jonah Ulebor, an experienced Maths teacher with over a decade of classroom experience, currently serves as a PhD researcher at Leeds Beckett University's Centre for Race, Education, and Decoloniality. With a fervent commitment to equity in education, Jonah's research centers on the pivotal role of Black Supplementary Schools (BSS) in empowering Black children across the UK. As the project lead of a BSS in Chapeltown, Leeds, Jonah combines practical expertise with academic inquiry. Utilising Critical Race Theory, Jonah's research illuminates the systemic roots of educational disparities for Black children, advocating for transformative change in educational policies and practices. A dynamic speaker, Jonah addresses audiences on issues of race, education, and social justice.

Jonah Ulebor's contributions