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James Avis, Professor

Professor of PCE at University of Derby

James Avis in an Emeritus Professor of the university of Huddersfield & Prof of post-compulsory education at the university of Derby. His research interests lie in post-compulsory/post-secondary education and life-long learning. He has written extensively on the policy contextualisation of further education, having addressed curriculum issues, methodological questions, teacher professionalism, as well as the lived experience of teachers and learners. He has a keen interest in the political economy of this sector and its policy contextualisation. Recent books include Issues in Post-Compulsory Education and Training; Education, Policy and Social Justice; Social Justice, Transformation and Knowledge, Learning and Skills; Teaching in Lifelong Learning: a guide to theory and practice, which is now in its third edition. Current writing addresses the relationship of VET to the 4th Industrial Revolution and is the subject of his forthcoming book.

James Avis's contributions