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Harry Dyer, Dr

Lecturer in Education at University of East Anglia

Harry joined UEA as a lecturer in education after successfully completing his PhD at UEA in the School of Education and Lifelong Learning. He has a broad academic background, with degrees in linguistics and social science research methods, as well as his ongoing research in online identity presentation.

Given his broad academic background, Harry’s research and teaching interests are equally expansive and interdisciplinary. They include (but are not limited to) education, digital sociology, identity theory, social theory, science and technology studies, research methodology, ethics, sociolinguistics, poststructuralism, comic book studies, and media and education. He teaches both undergraduate and postgraudate students.

Harry’s current research is in the field of Digital Sociology, in which he looks at the online identities of young people, unpacking how the social media shapes the ways in which young people understand and engage with the world around them. His work particularly focuses on the relationship between user, platform design, and technology, proposing a new theoretical framework through which to consider identity performances online.

Harry Dyer's contributions

Ethnography – Embodiment and the digital world

Experimentation and playfulness in both method of data production and in write up – there are opportunities, and perhaps a necessity for creativity within methods given the inevitable...

Video14 Jun 2022