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Regional Rep

Gihan Ismail

University of Bath

Gihan Ismail is an Associate Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University and a Convenor of the BERA Early Career Researcher (ECR) Network. She is a final-year PhD researcher in education at the University of Bath.
Gihan has a research interest in the sociology of higher education and her PhD research explores the complex relationship between knowledge creation, power and ethics from a social justice perspective.
Gihan is engaged in a number of academic and research activities:

  • Book co-editor for the Journal of Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning (CriSTaL) 
  • Project advisor for the Middle East and North Africa Social Policy Network (MENASP)
  • Reviewer for the European Conference of Educational Research (ECER) – Research in Higher Education group 
  • Member of the Western Widening Participation Research Cluster (WWPREC)

Gihan Ismail's contributions

Early Career Researcher Network

The BERA Early Career Researcher (ECR) Network aims to offer support to those who are in the process of completing their masters or doctorate in education, as well as those who have completed...