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Frederick Ebot Ashu, Dr

Senior Lecturer at University of Buea

My academic Objective is to become a Professor of Educational Leadership for Peace Building and Achieving Sustainable Development Goals. Since my graduation from the University of Birmingham I have been teaching and carrying out research in theories and practice of educational leadership, management, administration and planning; leadership development of school leaders; research methods and methodology in educational leadership for seven years as a way of training and preparing young undergraduate and postgraduate students for the improvement of the human condition through better knowledge, health, living conditions, social equity and productivity, is a central tool for social progress in the world of work. As a Senior Lecturer, I have published widely with a focus among others on leadership development of school leaders; 10 books, 2 book chapters, 20 articles in referred journals and supervised 2 successful PhD and 11 Master’s thesis.

Frederick Ebot Ashu's contributions