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Emma Browning, Miss

Teacher at King's College London

I first became interested in the use of narrative as a learning tool during my undergraduate degree, studying English Language and Communication at King’s College London. I published my undergraduate dissertation, in which I explored the use of narrative and expository texts in teaching the theory of evolution to primary-age children. Following my undergraduate degree I completed my PGCE with Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford; since then, I have taught in primary schools for seven years. During this time, I completed my Masters in Education with The Open University. Throughout my teaching career, I have become more and more interested in the use of narrative as an educational tool: in the ten minutes of reading and discussing a historical narrative with a class at the end of the school day, I felt that more learning took place in this time than in the hour long history lesson that I had taught previously. This inspired me to pursue my PhD at King’s College London, exploring narrative nonfiction texts as a possible learning tool in the history classroom. After the first year of my PhD, I was awarded an ESRC LISS-DTP studentship, enabling me to complete my PhD. I am currently in the ‘writing up’ stage of my PhD, whilst I continue to teach in the primary classroom.

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