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Elizabeth Killen, Ms

PhD Candidate at Faculty of Education

Liz joins the Risk Assessment & Audit Committee with a background in policy, industry, and academia. Currently, she is a PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge, focussing on modelling the role of education in income inequality, and she also works part time as a Senior Research Officer for the Government Office for Science. She brings to the committee her experience working in similar non-profit membership organisations to BERA, and a strong background in risk arising from her experience as a chemical engineer. Her leadership roles have ranged from deputy production manager in a nuclear medicine production facility, to president of the Cambridge science policy society leading a team of over 30 volunteers. Liz’s interests include science policy, systems modelling, and the role of education in social mobility.

Elizabeth Killen's contributions

Risk Assessment & Audit Committee

The BERA Risk Register is reviewed by the Risk Assessment and Audit Committee (RAAC) twice a year. RAAC acts as an independent and objective body, monitoring and assessing the risk to the...