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Elizabeth Cookingham Bailey

Dr Elizabeth Cookingham Bailey will be joining the University of South Wales in January as a Lecturer in Public Affairs. Her research explores the history of education, the policymaking process, the privatisation of education and the mixed economy of welfare. 

Liz is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham’s Third Sector Research Centre on a Leverhulme funded project looking at continuity and change in the voluntary sector in Bethnal Green from 1945 to the present. Liz’s work looks at the relationship between advocacy and service delivery in voluntary sector organisations serving minority populations; the mixed provision of education in the voluntary sector and the movement from informal to formal education; and the changing nature of youth work in the voluntary sector.

Previously, Liz was an LSE Fellow in the Department of Social Policy (2016-7) teaching graduate and undergraduate students where she was a Class Teacher Award recipient. Her PhD work also at the LSE looked at the development of English education policy in the 1980s and the movement of conservative ideas about education within the policymaking process. Her research looked at changing ideas about choice and diversity, the aims and purposes of education and funding and management. Liz also worked on a project looking at the development of English secondary education policy from City Technology Colleges through to Academies and Free Schools.

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