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Darcia Roache

Darcia Roache is from the island of Jamaica and worked for private and public sector organizations in Jamaica as an accountant, director of administration, and acted as chief executive officer. She also worked in the educational fraternity as research supervisor, second examiner, course coordinator, and associate faculty.  Dr. Roache’s passion for administrative work, education, and learning led to her completion of a doctor of business administration (DBA), master of business administration (MBA), bachelor of science in business administration (BSc), and an associate of science (ASc) in business administration. To fulfil her career goal of becoming a professor she has embarked on a PhD in educational administration at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Dr. Roache has a strong belief and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that he guides, prepares and orders her steps. Hence, she trusts him for her entire life’s journey.

Darcia Roache's contributions

Finance & Operations Committee

The role of the Finance & Operations Committee is to: Ensure that the financial basis upon which BERA operates is secure; Ensure that the principles and practices of employment we offer to...