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Chris Midgley, Mr

Senior Lecturer at Keele University

Chris Midgley wears different 'educational' hats that offer a wide perspective of HE and PCET education: he is a Senior Lecturer in Leadership at Keele University, and he is Keele Business School's strategic lead for the delivery of apprenticeships – including the Senior Leader apprenticeship and the Senior People Professional apprenticeship – as well as undertaking a range of external examiner and external advisory roles. Chris has completed a role as the lead for a national apprenticeship MBA Education Management programme for educational chief executives and senior leaders.

Chris is a part-time Army officer within the Education and Training Services (ETS) branch – following the completion of a full-time military career within the same branch. He has worked within the Centre for Army Leadership, and he is an advocate for Forces personnel entering FE and HE.

Chris Midgley's contributions

BERA Conference 2023

12 September 2023 to 14 September 2023Aston University/ Conference Aston

The BERA Conference 2023 was held on the 12th-14th September 2023 at Conference Aston/Aston University. Keynote speakers included: Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith. The conference ended with three...

Past conference12 Sep 2023

Getting it out there: how, where, why?

Writing for publication is widely understood as a central activity for researchers, and, since their institutions have the same ambition, perhaps the one by which researchers are ultimately...

Past event3 Jul 2023