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Carmen Moreno, Professor

Professor at Universidad de Sevilla

Carmen Moreno, PhD in Psychology, is Professor at the Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology, University of Seville (Spain), where she has carried out an intense teaching and research activity. Since 2000, she is the principal investigator in Spain of the WHO collaborative survey Health Behaviour in School-aged Children, which is funded by the Ministry of Health in Spain ( This survey examines a wide range of topics, including adolescents’ health, lifestyles and developmental contexts experiences, in more than 40 countries. Her research interests also include the study of family as a developmental context in childhood, as well as the analysis of psychological recovery processes in children exposed to adversity situations followed by two different welfare protection situations: international adoption and institutionalization. In collaboration with UNICEF, she and her research team are also working on the study of social concerns during adolescence and adolescents’ citizenship development. Her outstanding research career has been recently recognised with the prestigious FAMA award in the area of Legal and Social Sciences by the University of Seville.

Carmen Moreno's contributions