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Opportunity: Postgraduate Forum Convenor Applications Invited







The BERA Postgraduate Forum was established in 2012 as a result of the Association’s wish to offer more specific forms of support to postgraduates. It reflects the view of BERA that research is a necessary element in the best professional practice in education.

The Forum seeks to meet needs of both those people pursuing PG study who are HE-based researchers, or aiming to be ‘professional researchers’ in the broad field of education, and those people pursuing PG study who are education professionals, doing a PhD, EdD, Masters or similar alongside and integrated with a practitioner career. It also aims to bring these two broad constituencies together, providing a sufficiently positive experience (of support, information, networking, capacity-building etc.) to both groups.

The Forum is a way in which people can find a more focused home within the wider community of practice that is BERA. However, it is a part of the wider organisation and not a separate community.

The Forum will:

a.       Enable people doing educational research in PG programmes to learn from each other, share their interests and experiences, and develop a sense of belonging to a wider community of practice of educational researchers.

b.      Devise paired mentoring and shared interests so that researchers can set up links where useful.

c.       Market the Forum through conferences, SIGs, universities and members of BERA.

d.      Put on events, ensuring a good regional and four nation basis for these.

e.      Have a web-based presence, including discussions, blogs and webinars.

f.        Produce a newsletter to members of the Forum.

g.       Enable and promote the sharing of research profiles, interests and questions (etc.) between BERA members who are engaged in PG educational research and enquiry.

h.      Liaise with and work through BERA SIGs (ongoing).

i.         Report to the Membership & Engagement Committee (MEC).

j.        Promote BERA membership amongst the postgraduate community through encouraging people on PG programmes involving educational research and enquiry to join BERA participate in PG Forum activities.

k.       Advise BERA on the needs and wishes of the postgraduate community.


Currently the PG Forum has two convenors, but we are seeking a third convenor

The person taking on this role should:

  • Be currently or recently (within 2 years) engaged in a Doctorate, Masters or other postgraduate programme of study with a substantial educational research element;

  • Be a member of BERA or willing and able to join BERA;

  • Be enthusiastic, a good communicator and networker and in a position to offer time to establishing and growing the role.

BERA funds two concessionary spaces for PG convenors at its annual conference (subject to review by the Conference and Events Committee). The three convenors will decide how these concessions are allocated but this will usually be on a rotational basis.

The person elected will serve for three years from the date of election (unless they stand down sooner).

It is BERA’s wish that  all its committees and groups should be reflective of the field as a whole and therefore encourages under-represented groups to stand.

If you would like to express an interest, please explain (in approximately 200 words) why you are interested in being a convenor and what you think you can bring to the role for the benefit of forum members.

Expressions of interest in this role are invited by January 27 and should be sent to