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Educational Research and Educational Policy-Making – SIG Convenor Vacancy

The two current convenors Rowena Passy and Sarah Younie are looking for a new convenor to work with them to lead the Educational Research and Educational Policy-Making SIG.

The Convenor’s term would be from April 2021-April 2024.

Aims and objectives of the SIG

To identify and enhance the various ways in which, and the supporting conditions under which, scholarly research efforts in education can have a stronger influence on policy-making processes by, for example:

  • identifying key areas of policy which may be particularly supported – or contradicted – by current research evidence;
  • identifying processes, environments and institutional arrangements for the mediation and ‘translation’ of research knowledge for decision-making;
  • de-constructing barriers to the use of scholarly research in decision-making;
  • exploring a range of methodologies for synthesising research knowledge;
  • identifying new substantive areas, new research models and modes, and/or insufficiently understood issues for policy-relevant research.

If more than one is received an election may be run

Only BERA members may apply. The deadline to apply is March 19, 2021.

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