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Educational Effectiveness and Improvement – ECR SIG Convenor vacancy

The Educational Effectiveness and Improvement SIG is looking to recruit an Early Career Researcher to help run the SIG over the next 3 years.

The Educational Effectiveness and Improvement SIG aims to:

  •  Provide an inclusive and accessible forum for  PhD students, early career researchers,  established educational researchers and educators, to discuss issues relating to educational effectiveness and improvement;
  •  Share, stimulate and support high quality research and raise awareness of this research;
  •  Create opportunities through events to disseminate findings from research both with and without of the academic community;
  •  Influence government(s) educational policy, funding agencies and key stakeholders through the dissemination of robust research on issues relating to educational effectiveness and improvement;
  •  Collaborate with other SIGs to promote interdisciplinary opportunities with a common purpose of improving educational outcomes;

Key aspects of the Convenors’ role include:

• Preparing text for a regular (ideally once per term) newsletter to SIG members.
• Hosting at least one annual SIG forum meeting for all members (organised via the BERA office)
• Encouraging submissions of individual papers and symposia for BERA conference.
• Reviewing abstracts or acting as a third reviewer.
• Grouping together abstracts for the conference.
• Succession planning.
• Developing ideas for events and activities and submitting proposals.
• Encouraging BERA Blog submissions and other activity from the SIG membership.
• Completing an annual review


BERA Conference

SIG Convenors role at conference can vary each year, however, they broadly are:

 Pre conference responsibilities:

  • Recruiting reviewers to review abstracts/submissions
  • review ‘problematic’ abstracts/papers or in cases where a reviewer has not completed reviews
  • Programming – organise and group accepted SIG papers and symposia for the annual conference timetable
  • Advertising conference

During conference responsibilities:

  • Attend and chair your SIG forum meeting
  • Available during lunch breaks
  • Encourage membership of BERA and your SIG
  • Twitter presence highly desirable
  • Chairing sessions
  • One SIG Convenor to be present for each SIG session if possible. Convenors will also therefore be available when no chair is available for that session (larger SIGs will be supported by Council Members with this)
  • Run SIG best paper award

As a SIG convenor you receive support from the BERA office and are invited to attend convenor meetings in London, with all other SIG convenors.

Convenors are vital to the work of BERA, investing energy in the promotion of the SIG and its activities. Convenors should expect to work within all the guidelines and advice provided by the BERA Office. These are in place to ensure good practice and that all legal, financial and insurance matters are taken care of and that any risks to individuals or organisations are minimised. In particular with regard to planning events, activities or any expenditure, SIGs should all follow the appropriate procedures

By agreeing to assume a position of SIG convenor, individuals are committing to fulfilling all of the responsibilities and obligations that go with that role. SIG Convenors are expected to exercise their own judgment to meet the requirements listed in BERA guidance and to seek further advice from the BERA Office if in any doubt. If any procedures are not followed then the BERA Office reserves the right to take whatever action may be necessary to protect BERA’s legal, financial and reputational position. Such matters will also form part of the review of each SIG that is undertaken by Council.

The current annual responsibilities for SIG Convenors can be found in this document.

If you would like to be considered please complete the form by clicking “apply now”

If multiple expressions of interest are received an election may be run.

The deadline to apply is the 19th October 2022

Please note this is a position for an Early Career Researcher and if you are more than 5 years post doc you will not be considered.

Please contact SIG Convenor Prof Tanya Ovenden-Hope with any questions about the ECR Convenor role