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Call for Welsh Representative on BERA Council

As part of an ongoing review into our governance, BERA Council has created four nations representative roles. Following appointment to the Scotland and Northern Ireland representative positions (Morag Redford and Barbara Skinner) from their initial number, we are now seeking to recruit a Wales representative. The England representative will be filled from the existing cohort following the recent election.

The role of the four nations representative is to build and sustain relationships between BERA and education researchers and research users at jurisdictional level. They will ensure the BERA board and BERA Council/ Committees are apprised of key policy developments which may affect education research communities across the UK.

To fill this role, we require the application to be based in a Welsh higher education institution, school or policy setting or predominantly working in Wales.

Principal duties include:

  • Acting as an ambassador for BERA within their jurisdiction
  • Ensuring the interest of BERA members based in Wales are taken into account
  • Assisting in the preparation of newsletters for members in Wales
  • Making links with other learned societies and bodies with Wales

The full role description can be found here.

They will be a full member of BERA Council and therefore a trustee of the organisation. Whilst having specific responsibilities for Wales, the role of trustee requires collective responsibility for overall governance and strategic direction of BERA. Candidates must not be ineligible to stand according to the rules set out by the Charity Commission or Companies House.

The deadline for applications is Sunday 2nd June 2024 at 12:00. Applications will be reviewed by a selection of Council and an election will be held if required.

As part of our wider commitment to greater equality and diversity at all levels of the organisation, we continue to seek increased representation from members with a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background. We are also committed to ensuring an appropriate balance of male and female representation in leadership positions. In acknowledging the structural inequalities and unjust power imbalances that affect our members, we wish to be proactive in addressing this within our own structures. We are confident that BERA Council will benefit from the advantages that diversity brings, including different skills, life experiences and backgrounds, bringing a fresh perspective to the board. 

The time commitment during the period will normally be at around 10 days per year, should you also sit on one of our committees.