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Call for Papers for a special edition of The Curriculum Journal

Guest editors Jae-Eun Joo (University of Connecticut) and James Seale-Collazo (Universidad de Puerto Rico)

Innovation in Learning and Teaching towards the New Global Village: International perspectives on transforming curriculum with emerging technologies.


The Curriculum Journal will publish a special issue on Innovation in Learning and Teaching toward the New Global Village: International perspectives on transforming curriculum with emerging technologies, in June of 2015 (Volume 26, Issue 2).

The issue aims to bring together a set of articles addressing creative applications of emerging technologies in K-12 (primary and secondary) curriculum with a focus on their social and cultural implications for the “new global village.”  The advent of networked technologies, accessible to millions of people, and the availability of information on a scale surpassing any library in history, have set the stage for a dispersed wave of unprecedented curricular innovation, away from the historic centres of industrial and colonial power.  By leveraging these technologies, educators and their students have made significant and sustained impacts on the content, process, and contexts of learning and teaching in and out of classrooms.

As scholarship and educational practice race to keep up with these rapid changes, there is a growing need for deeper and more candid dialogues about social and cultural impacts of these new technologies on rising generations of learners and their educators, who are (or soon will be) connected across diverse social and cultural contexts.  In this emergent context, the special issue seeks to spark local and global conversations on how emerging technologies have changed every-day practices of curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment in primary and secondary education settings, including the preparation and the continuing professional development of teachers.

For more information please see the call for papers below.