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BERA College of Reviewers

We are establishing the BERA College of Reviewers to provide high quality peer reviews for all relevant BERA activities and to create a consistent approach across our awards and funding opportunities.

BERA  has grown in recent years and currently offers more awards, grants and funding for members than ever before; awarding over £80,000 of funding in 2019 alone. As an organisation we are committed to principles of openness, integrity and transparency and seek to uphold ethical values in all our activities and processes. For this reason, we are establishing the BERA College of Reviewers (CoR) to provide high quality peer reviews for all relevant BERA activities and to create a consistent approach across our awards and funding opportunities.

The BERA College of Reviewers will be a group comprised of high quality academic reviewers including practitioners and policy makers who draw on research evidence. Members will be drawn from a range of organisations and career experience, from Early Career Researchers to senior academics and users. All reviewers will be active BERA members. The CoR will work closely with BERA’s Engagement Committee who oversee most of our award schemes and ensure criteria fit with BERA’s strategic priorities. 

If you are interested in applying for a position within the college, please see the below information:


  • strong track record of securing research funding and carrying out research;
  • significant experience of peer-reviewing academic, research, or other relevant materials
  • significant experience in universities or other research organisations relevant to the purpose of the college of reviewers
  • ability to recognise high quality in diverse types of research and methodologies;
  • experience and understanding of value for money in the context of research activities


  • Undertake between 4-5 review exercises per year
  • Provide informed, objective, and timely reviews when requested
  • Provide that review in the format requested by BERA
  • Notify BERA within five working days of a request for review if the reviewer is unable to meet the request, so that an alternative reviewer can be sought (this should not happen more than once in the two-year term)
  • Notify BERA within five working days of the review poses a potential conflict of interest
  • Reviews will take place against the agreed criteria established by BERA and its committees. The College will be asked to comment on this criteria from time to time.


  • Membership will run from September 2020. Members will initially be appointed for two years, with variable renewal terms to ensure good succession planning.
  • Members will receive an honorarium of £500 per annum due in the first instance in September 2021, provided they have completed the reviewing expected of them.
  • Members can resign in the middle of their term if their circumstances change or BERA reserves the right to ask a member to leave before the expiry of their term if they are not responding to requests in a timely manner.  
  • While membership of the college will be public, individual reviews will be anonymous
  • Please note conference abstracts are not reviewed by the college

BERA is committed to equal opportunities in all our activities. As well as ensuring this in the membership of the College, members should ensure that they avoid any bias in the assessment of proposals and final reports due to gender, disability, age, racial or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or religious belief.

We strive to be inclusive of the diversity of educational research and scholarship and welcome applications from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds, theoretical orientations, methodological approaches, sectoral interests and institutional affiliations. 

The initial appointment of members of the College of Reviewers will be made by BERA’s General Purposes Committee.  We may request virtual interviews with applicants throughout July and August. All applicants can expect to hear the outcome of their submission by the end of August.

Only BERA Members can Apply.

Applications should consist of the following:

  • A 500 word statement identifying how you meet the selection criteria
  • A 1-2 Page CV

To Apply, Please click the button below. You will have to login to the BERA Website to access the application page.