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BA/ RS Project on Educational Research seeks case studies

The British Academy and the Royal Society are currently leading a policy project which is looking at strategies that could increase the potential and the impact of research to transform education in the UK, and beyond. 

This project aims to understand how we can best harness existing and future capacity, and create optimal conditions, to ensure research informs and is informed by education policy and practice in schools and colleges. 

To achieve this objective, the project will gather a broad range of evidence, especially on the interactions between research, education policy and practice in the schools and colleges in the UK and in other parts of the world. 

 As part of this gathering-evidence exercise, the British Academy and the Royal Society are interested to look at local, regional and international comparisons and case studies. Indeed, they are seeking to appoint researchers/research teams to undertake an analysis of available qualitative and quantitative data from education research ecosystems at all the above-mentioned levels across the world, including parts of the UK. 

Attached is a specification which provide further details about the objectives and expectations of this research work.

Responses to the brief are requested by Monday 13th March with a completion date of 10 April.

 Separately from this joint project, the Royal Society would be interested to speak to researchers who have knowledge of upper secondary education systems in countries where the curriculum is broad to give an overview of the system and its main benefits and trade-offs. We would are particularly looking for countries which have science and maths as compulsory subjects and/or high take-up rates of these subjects post-16. We are also interested in countries which have recently decided to broaden their post-16 curriculum, why they chose to do so, and what impact it had. If you wish to offer help on this aspect then please contact Adam Wright at the Royal Society: