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BERA Opportunity

Applications now open for BERA Treasurer

The formal call for applications to the role of BERA Treasurer is now open. This follows the call for expressions of interest over the summer.

These applications will be reviewed, shortlisted and where appropriate interviewed by current members of Leadership Committee and the BERA Chief Executive. The election itself will take place in Autumn 2022, with the successful applicant assuming the role of Treasurer in September 2023 for a four-year term, succeeding Sean Hayes. They will be invited to attend salient governance meetings from early 2023 as part of the handover and receive a full induction prior to assuming the role.

We are seeking applications from those with strong financial and management experience, be this in a financial role, or with experience of managing budgets and staff in a senior leadership role within your organisation. Knowledge and experience of governance and BERA’s current priorities and operations is desirable (ideally through current or recent membership of one of BERA’s committees).

This role is well supported by the BERA Office through the Chief Executive and Finance and Governance Manager. BERA’s investment account is managed by a professional fund manager and an independent audit is conducted annually. BERA is currently in very healthy financial position, with reserves of over £2,000,000 and consistent annual turnover of over £1,000,000. Our most recent audit found everything to be in good order.

The Treasurer sits on BERA Council, the Leadership Committee, and is Chair of the BERA Finance & Operations Committee. This is a crucial role within the Association and is integral to the implementation and success of the BERA Strategic Plan. The time commitment of the role is averaged across the year at about half a day per week but with some periods of more intensive commitment.

The role of the Treasurer is to:

  • Oversee, approve and present budgets, accounts, financial statements and financial reports to the Board of Trustees, following discussion with the Chief Executive
  • Being assured the financial resources of the Association are within the objectives of the charity and robust financial monitoring is in place and ensuring any delegated budgets are properly spent and accounted for
  • Through their role as Chair of Finance and Operations Committee, ensuring good practice in the oversight and support of BERA’s office staff and HR functions
  • Be instrumental in the development and implementation of appropriate financial, reserves policy and investment policies

The full role description and person specification can be found here.

As part of our wider commitment to greater equality and diversity at all levels of the organisation, we continue to seek increased representation from members with a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background. In acknowledging the structural inequalities and unjust power imbalances that affect our members, we wish to be proactive in addressing this within our own structures.

Please contact for the next steps in discussing this role further.  

Further information on BERA’s governance can be found here.

16th September 2022 Applications Open
6th October 2022 Application Period Closes
24th October 2022 Election Period Opens
30th November 2022 Election Period Closes