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Publishing opportunity

Academic publishing consultant: Self-publishing a book

BERA is seeking an academic publishing consultant to advise on the process of self-publishing a book. 

About the British Educational Research Association (BERA) 

BERA is the largest UK-wide educational research organisation. With almost 2,500 members, it is a member-led organisation dedicated to supporting educational researchers and promoting high-quality research in education. It seeks to enhance the field of study, the growth of public knowledge and critical understanding, and the application of findings for the improvement of educational policy and practice.

Since its inception in 1974, BERA has expanded into an internationally renowned association with UK and non-UK based members. It strives to include the diversity of educational research and scholarship and welcomes members from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds, theoretical orientations, methodological approaches, sectoral interests and institutional affiliations. It also encourages the development of productive relationships with other associations within and beyond the UK.

Aspiring to be the home of all educational researchers in the UK, BERA provides opportunities for all to contribute through its portfolio of distinguished publications, its world-class conference and other events, and its active peer community organised around over 33 Special Interest Groups. Further information can be found at


BERA is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024 and has a variety of activities planned for this occasion. As part of these celebrations, one of BERA’s constituent parts, the British Curriculum Forum (BCF), is planning to publish a book featuring contributions from scholars, practitioners and policymakers working in education across the UK and beyond.   

Aligned with the aims of the BCF, the book will showcase a wide range of theoretical and practical perspectives on the study and implementation of the curriculum in schools and colleges. We hope the book will be read by academics, practitioners, policymakers, early-career researchers, students, and all those with an interest in curriculum research and development both nationally and internationally. 

Approximately 60,000 words in length, the book will contain 50 pieces of 1,000 words, each written by a different contributor. The 50 pieces will be divided into five thematic chapters. The book will be edited by two lead editors, as well as additional chapter editors who will collate the contributions and write a short introduction for their respective chapters. There will also be a foreword, introduction and epilogue, and imagery may be included in some of the chapters. The editors are already in place, and themes have been agreed and contributors identified. 

BERA wishes to self-publish this book during the course of our 50th anniversary year. This will be the first book that BERA has self-published and it may be a springboard for other projects in the future. We wish to publish the book in both print and digital formats, with the digital version available open access. 


We would like to engage a consultant to advise on the steps required for us to self-publish this book. We would like the consultant to scope out the process BERA needs to take and the resources we require to make this project a success.

The consultant should be prepared to advise on the following aspects of the process and offer guidance on any further points that may need to be considered. 

  • Timescales for each stage of the process 
  • Approximate budget for publishing costs 
  • Legal wording for editor contracts and contributor agreements 
  • Information on self-publishing platforms and finding the right platform for our needs 
  • Sourcing ISBN numbers 
  • Formatting and hosting the open access eBook 
  • Dissemination, indexing and discoverability  
  • Printing the book 
  • Selling and distributing print copies to customers 
  • Launching the book 
  • Marketing and ongoing promotion  
  • Any other relevant information 

 We are seeking a consultant with experience of working on editorial and production processes for self-published open access print and eBooks, ideally in the context of learned societies, charitable organisations and/or professional bodies (or equivalent). The role will be advisory in capacity and focused on publishing systems and processes rather than requiring any editorial involvement in the content of the book. 

The role will involve attending online advisory meetings with BERA staff members but can largely be done around other commitments.


To apply, please send a copy of your CV and a short summary highlighting your relevant experience and previous work. We would also ask that you provide details of your expected daily rate or fixed fee and a projection of the number of days’ consultancy work you think the project will require. Please indicate your availability to work on this project in your application. We are ideally looking for the initial advisory work to take place in February or March 2023. 

Applications should be made to and should be submitted by 31st January 2023. 

Should you have any queries, please contact Hannah Marston, BERA Publications Manager, through the same email address.