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COVID-19: Online teaching and learning

A new virtual issue of BJET

Online learning and teaching has necessarily come to the fore over the past few weeks and months as we adapt to Covid-19. In a new virtual issue of the British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET) the editors offer a free-to-view collection of practical, high-quality research on online resources and practices that professionals across the education sector can draw guidance and inspiration from as they rise to these new challenges.

Across 21 articles it explores various different types of online courses and EdTech; e-tutoring and learner support; self-regulated and collaborative learning; teaching with social media; children’s internet use; digital feedback; and corporate training.

BJET and the Journal for Computer Assisted Learning (JCAL) have worked together to make this a two-section open-access virtual issue on the role of technology in online education. You can access JCAL’s virtual issue, ‘COVID 19: JCAL online distance learning resources during emergency remote teaching’ here.