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BERJ announces winners of its 2021 Editors’ Choice Award

The editorial team of the British Educational Research Journal and BERA are delighted to announce the winners of the 2021 BERJ Editors’ Choice Award, which recognises articles published across the previous calendar year (2020). The following winning articles were selected by the editors from nominations received from the BERJ editorial board. The five papers stand out as examples of innovative scholarship on important issues for educational practice and the field of educational research itself. We congratulate the winning authors, are grateful to the editorial board members for the nominations, and also want to express our gratitude to the anonymous reviewers of these papers.

Gert Biesta, Emma Wainwright and David Aldridge
co-editors, British Educational Research Journal

Winning papers

  • Black, R. & Mayes, E. (2020). Feeling voice: The emotional politics of ‘student voice’ for teachers. British Educational Research Journal, 46(5), 1064–1080.
  • Callender, C. (2020). Black male teachers, white education spaces: troubling school practices of othering and surveillance. British Educational Research Journal, 46(5), 1081–1098.
  • McPherson, A., Saltmarsh, S. & Tomkins, S. (2020). Reconsidering assent for randomised control trials in education: Ethical and procedural concerns. British Educational Research Journal, 46(4), 728–746. (Part of a special issue on Ethical Questions in Educational Research).
  • Marsh, A. J., & Howatson, K. (2020). Education, health and care plans and tribunals in England: A statistical tale from 2019. British Educational Research Journal, 46(3), 574–592.
  • Sims, S. (2020). Modelling the relationships between teacher working conditions, job satisfaction and workplace mobility. British Educational Research Journal 46(2), 301–320.