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BERA Announces 2023 Masters Dissertation and Doctoral Thesis Awards

Every year BERA recognises academic excellence and rigour in research by a Master of Education and Doctorate student. This underscores BERA’s commitment to developing capacity, advancing quality and methodological originality within the field of educational research. 

We are pleased to announce the BERA College of Reviewers alongside BERA’s Engagement Committee has completed the judging of the 2023 BERA Masters Dissertation and Doctoral Thesis awards and is awarding two prizes:

Dawn Cunningham Hall has been awarded the 2023 Masters Dissertation prize for her dissertation ““Indigenous Perspectives on Academic Integrity in Post-Secondary Institutions in British Columbia”

Balwant Kaur has been awarded the 2023 Doctoral Thesis Prize for her thesis “Education encounters, hybrid identities and spectral traces: contesting the myths of Aston through the accounts of South Asian Muslim Women

Both winners will recieve a £500 prize as well as  complimentary registration at BERA Conference 2023.

BERA 2023 Masters Dissertation Award Winner

BERA 2023 Doctoral Thesis Award Winner


Profile picture of Balwant Kaur
Balwant Kaur, Dr

Lecturer at University of Derby

I am researcher and lecturer at the University of Derby. Prior to this I worked in Further Education and Initial Teacher Education. My research interests at this time include exploring the experiences of women in diasporic communities, culture...