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Disentangling and debating creativity in education: methodologies, research and assessment

A Creativities in Education SIG annual event supported by the Creativity and Emergent Educational Futures Network, University of Exeter

Employers and educators identify creativity in young people as a highly desired quality. However, it is elusive to recognise, facilitate and evidence. This one-day conference brings together national and international experts in creativity to provoke debate and thought into how we might better research, evaluate and assess creativity in education.

Professors Pat Thomson (University of Nottingham), Todd Lubart (University of Descartes, Paris) and Joanna Haynes (University of Plymouth) each offer insights from their particular field of experience and perspective in qualitative, quantitative and post-qualitative methodologies. During the course of the day, in discussion with a critical expert in the field, they will outline methodological arguments, designs and tools, share evidence and challenges, critiquing these and provoke us to reflect and debate the issues raised.

A significant proportion of the afternoon will be devoted to structured debate in response to provocations offered by our three speakers.
Here we will explore issues such of methodological choice, ontology and epistemology such as fitness for purpose of designs; embedded and creative methods; the persuasiveness and palatability of evidence for different audiences and current policy to practice discourses.

The day will culminate with the annual Anna Craft Memorial Lecture delivered by James C Kaufman.

Content in this series

Beyond words: Materiality and the play of things

Tim Ingold’s (2013) account of the art of inquiry begins with the relation between thinking and making, a relation that ‘allow[s] knowledge to grow from the crucible of our practical and...

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Researching creative practices in schools

Our review of the CP archive showed a preponderance of case study research (Thomson, Coles, Hallewell, & Keane, 2014). Some of this used surveys, but almost all of it was interview (including...

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