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Arts Based Education Research aims to understand education through arts-based concepts, techniques and practice. Practitioners use a variety of arts-based methodologies to undertake their research and / or to communicate their understanding through such diverse genres as autobiography, narrative, poetry, visual arts, drama, dance, music and performance. There is a relatively new but rapidly growing body of both literature and shared practitioner knowledge which directly addresses concepts of art as research, the nature of knowing aesthetically and learning aesthetically, the processes of making, and the use of art as a platform for recording and analysing data. We intend the ABER SIG to provide a platform for theoreticians and practitioners working in arts, education and other fields to discuss, share and reflect on research practice and outcomes, both illuminating and problematical. It will provide a focus for other parties and individuals who may be interested in ABER but who have, so far, not ventured into this particular domain. It will welcome and encourage transdisciplinary knowledge-making with fields such as business and policy studies as well as the social sciences and humanities more generally. This SIG has a close allegiance to the workings of AERA and the bi-annual UK Arts Based Education Research conference in that it will explore the genres of arts and social science research – both their similarities and their differences – and promote the use of arts-based methods of disseminating educational and human science research. It conceives of ABER as an inclusive, democratic, participatory ethical form of inquiry in which research participants are consulted and involved in the process rather than being done to.

Latest SIG Content

The unspoken power of collage

12 February 2018 | Blog

‘Collages manage to satisfy all of my madness. I’m able to make these obsessive things but then I’m also able to make these very strong statements… in my mind they have a very strong particular resonance; there’s sort of a power.’
... [...]

Music education and social justice

23 January 2017 | Blog

Music education and social justice was the subject of a symposium at the 2016 BERA conference. Entitled Social Justice and Music Education in England and Scotland, and the symposium reported on studies of, a) the impact of music education policy... [...]

Teaching reading: what are our long term goals?

21 January 2016 | Blog

In the light of the House of Commons Education Committee Inquiry into the purpose and quality of education, I’ve been pondering on the primary profession’s long-term goals for teaching reading in England. Do teachers aim to develop readers... [...]

The Arts: An Interesting Approach in the Early Years Settings

23 October 2015 | Blog

The early years settings have a very strong influence on children’s future cognitive and social performance. The interactions and the activities in this area hold an important role in children’s development, as they can influence their... [...]

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