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Past event

Walk and Talk: Exploring My Research Methodologies

Online registration has now closed. If you want to attend this event, please email for details of how to register onsite.

Walking and talking are a healthful, creative and positive aspect of social life. This event takes advantage of the beauty of the Autumnal environment to host a walking and talking event about and for quality research. Guided by methodological literature about walking methods, those who can make it in person will use the Open University campus for stimulation. Guides to facilitate discussion for walking (and talking) in other venues in parallel will be provided. The aim is to critically reflect on personal experiences of research methodology and to use discussion to stimulate challenging and productive personal reflection on what makes for worthwhile and quality research. After a guided (in both talking and walking) social experience, support in shaping personal reflections will lead to a collective plenary. For those walking and talking remotely, options to join asynchronously and synchronously will be provided to join together in identifying personal and collective ‘takeaways’. Whether established or early career researchers, we hope this event offers something to challenge and stimulate you.


10.00 Registration and briefing:
Joanne Neary, Kathryn Spicksley, Carmel Capewell, and Alison Fox
11.00 Walk
12.30 Lunch and networking
13.30 Creating personal reflections
14.00 Creating posters
14.30 Padlet (working wall) and refreshments
15.00 Plenary webinar and building collaborative blog
15.55 Completion of evaluation forms
16.00 Close of event

Twitter stream with images #BERAwalkandtalk