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Past event

Pride, Prejudice and Sensitivity: being and becoming a gender and sexuality education researcher and academic

Responding to feedback from our previous event on ‘what next for the SIG’, this themed workshop provided an opportunity for PGRs and ECRs to discuss what it means to survive and thrive as a gender and sexuality education academic and researcher. We started the session with two 5 minute lightening presentations by the Gender and Sexuality Research Group GASP (Cardiff University) and the Feminist Education Research Lab, FEEL (University College London). Members of GASP shared some developments in their “JARRING” praxis from the chapter “Memoirs and Manifestos for Early Career Researchers in Gender and Sexuality Education Research” in the book, “Uplifting Gender and Sexuality Education Research, edited by Tiffany Jones, Leanne Coll, Lisa van Leent and Yvette Taylor. FEEL discussed their institutional fight for trans-inclusive feminism. These talks were followed by facilitated break-out groups and a collective discussion designed to affirm and support different ways of being and becoming a gender and sexuality education academic, with a special emphasis on care, ethics, inclusivity and intersectionality.


17:30 Introduction and welcome
17:35 Welcome and outline of the session
Professor EJ Renold, British Educational Research Association Sexualities and Gender SIG Convenor and Dr Leanne Coll, Educational Studies Association of Ireland Gender and Sexualities Studies in Education SIG Convenor
17:45 Uplifting Gender and Sexuality Education Research
Dr Leanne Coll, Educational Studies Association of Ireland Gender and Sexualities Studies in Education SIG Convenor
18:00  JARRING
(GASP, Gender and Sexuality Research Group)

Fighting for Trans-inclusive Feminisms
(FEEL, Feminist Education Research Lab)

Idil Cambazoglu, Hanna Retallack, Betsy Milne, Dr. Sara Bragg, and Professor Jessica Ringrose, University College London

18:10 Q&A
18:30 What Jars You?
Facilitated break-out groups and collective discussion
19:25 Conclusion, next steps and close of event
19:30 Close of event

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Profile picture of EJ Renold
EJ Renold, Professor

Professor of Childhood Studies at Cardiff University

EJ Renold is a professor of Childhood Studies at the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University. They are the author of Girls, Boys and Junior Sexualities (2005), Children, Sexuality and Sexualisation (with Ringrose and Egan, 2015) and the...