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Past event Part of series: What does 'Artificial Intelligence' mean for educational research

Great Expectations – what should artificial intelligence be doing for us?

Online registration has now closed. If you want to attend this event, please email for details of how to register onsite.

Artificial intelligence seems to be everywhere at the moment, but it is hard to pin down exactly what this means for educational research. The second in a series of three events, the overarching aim is to identify areas where educational research can inform or benefit from related work on human and machine intelligence.

We are bringing together researchers, technologists, and postgraduate and research students for a study day, to hear about the latest technological developments, map out the boundaries of what is a rapidly developing and very exciting educational research sub-field, think through possible future directions for investigation and establish a network of colleagues for collaborative funding proposals.

The main topics of focus are:

  • Data and privacy rights
  • Inclusivity and fairness
  • Safeguarding children who own/use smart phones.
  • Learning Technologies – digital environments that support learners by providing direct, individualised, and adaptive feedback; tools that utilise students’ digital data from their digital and physical interactions to increase teachers’ awareness of the outcomes and processes involved in learning.

The day will include keynote talks, demos, themed group discussions and a panel Q&A session .


09.30 Registration followed by tea and coffee
10.00 Welcome
Professor Alex Hughes, DVC University of Westminster; Dr Sandra Leaton Gray, UCL, Institute of Edcuation Dimitris Parapadakis, University of Westminster
10.15 “The book that looks back” – virtual social robotic product
Spencer Marsden, BBC Blue Room
11.00 Tea and coffee break
11.15 Young people’s digital privacy rights in the AI education landscape
Jen Persson, digitaldefendme
12.00 Research students’ showcase
12.30 Lunch and networking
13.15 Own It, AI and Dealing with Digital Dilemmas
Jon Howard, BBC  Executive Product Manager
14.00 AI in classrooms: the need for teachers-in-the-loop
Manolis Mavrikis, UCL Knowledge Lab
14.45 Group Activity – Themed group discussions
15.15 Tea and coffee break
15.30 Q&A Panel – “AI – Fairness and Inclusivity”
Spencer Marsden, BBC Blue Room; Jen Persson, digitaldefendme; Jon Howard, BBC Executive Product Manager; Manolis Mavrikis, UCL Knowledge Lab; Ansgar Koene, University of Nottingham
16.00 Completion of evaluation forms
16.05 Conclusion
16.15 End of event  


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